Audition Repertoire for the Milton Young Musicians Festival

The Festival has assembled a listing of selection guidelines for student musician auditions. We recommend that the student consult with his or her teacher to decide which pieces to perform. The teacher will be able to recognize the selections on our guidelines list, determine the suggested level of difficulty and from that select specific pieces for the student to prepare and perform.

The student and music teacher may select music of a degree of difficulty suitable for the student and the level in which the student competes. Since preparation involves hours of practice, we want the student to select a piece which he or she loves. This page provides general guidelines instead of specific compositions. Students should be working on, or able to play music at the level indicated by these suggestions. The student does not necessarily need to play these specific pieces. Please prepare either two short pieces (or movements), or one longer work for your audition.

After selecting his or her repertoire, it is the student’s responsibility to purchase the music themselves. The student will need to bring both the original music and a photo copy of the repertoire piece (or pieces) to the audition for the adjudicators.

The last bit is important enough to repeat. The student must have an original copy of the music and (if he or she is not playing from memory) a photo copy for the adjudicators. The Festival takes the music industry’s copyright protection laws very seriously. We must ensure that the student is playing from a score obtained legitimately. Whether the student chooses to play from the original or from an annotated photo copy, there must be an original copy in the room during the performance.

Audition Repertoire Guidelines Documents

We provide these Guidelines in two formats. You may quickly and easily refer to the guidelines for your instrument and level as a page on this site, or you may download a printable PDF document containing that information. (Look for the downloaded, .zip compressed PDF file in whatever folder your computer is configured to save downloads to.) In addition to the documents available on this web site, a non-circulating list of selection guidelines will also be available from the Reference Librarian at the Milton Public Library (Canton Avenue). Ask the Reference Librarian for the Milton Young Musicians Festival Repertoire Guidelines.

If your instrument is not included here, please check the complete listing at the Milton Public Library, or email or call Lynn Salmonsen: | (617) 835-8481‬.