Using an Accompanist for your Audition

In order to gain maximum benefit and enjoyment from participating in the Milton Young Musicians Festival, we feel that all students in strings, winds, brass, and voice should avail themselves of an accompanist. The accompanist is not only a pianist but a seasoned musician whose coaching can provide a student with valuable pointers, both on musicianship and on performance skills. In addition, working with an accompanist gives a soloist the opportunity to hear his piece as the composer intended, in all its rhythmic and harmonic richness. We hope you will seriously consider adding this valuable dimension to your child’s festival experience.

You are strongly encouraged to perform your audition with an accompanist.

  1. You may use one of our accompanists by checking the accompanist box on your application. He or she will rehearse with you and play for your audition (rates given on the form) as well as for your performance at the Gold Medal Concert if applicable (paid for by the festival).
  2. You may rehearse and perform with an accompanist that you use regularly or already know.

If you use one of the festival accompanists the fee for this service is not included in the application fee; it is paid directly to the accompanist.

Accompanist fees (and what you can expect to get for that fee) are as follows: